What is the bottom-up strategy?


During war, our clan uses the bottom-up strategy to guarantee as many three star scores as possible. The easiest way to explain this is to use a 10 vs. 10 scenario where a specific order of attacking applies:

  1. Our #10 attacks #10 opponent
    • Was it three starred?
    • Yes: Go to step 2
    • No: Our #9 attacks #10 again (repeat until three starred)
  2. Next player up on map attacks #9 opponent
    • Was it three starred?
    • Yes: Go to step 3
    • No: Next player up on map attacks #9 again (repeat until three starred)
  3. Continue the same process as you move up the opponent’s map.

This strategy means that stronger players MUST wait for the lower players to attack – they have priority. It also means greater participation by all players, and no wasted attacks where a strong player has chosen an enemy who is either too strong or too weak for them. This strategy works like a pecking order where you are given the best opportunity earn maximised loot. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t three star a base. The next player(s) after you will.

We do recognise that there are several things the clan takes into consideration when using this strategy:

  1. The bottom player(s) may not be ready or online to make their attack at the beginning of war.
    SOLUTION: Let the next player up on map go next.
  2. What if we’ve used up three attacks on an opponent and it’s still not three-starred?
    SOLUTION: Move up to the next opponent (max three attempts on any one opponent).
  3. A player has attacked too early or didn’t attack in the correct order.
    SOLUTION: Players like this need to be properly briefed on the strategy. Kick where repeat offenses occurs.

This wiki will be periodically updated as the strategy is fine tuned.

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